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  • mh
    13 de diciembre de 2015

1. Have you found a conection between these efforts of hacking with the ALBA countries (we mean the leftists governments of the region)?
Beyond what we have stated in the report itself, we are limited in how strongly we can "attribute" these attacks to a particular sponsor at this time
2. Have you found any conection between the software used by these hackers and the software provided by Hacking Team?
3. Your report says that Ecuador is one of the most surveilled countries of the region, do you have cuantitative data that support that?
We say that Ecuador is where we found the most malware. (We did not say it is one of the most surveilled countries of the region.)  That may just be a factor of how we conducted our analysis, and the places we looked. It is possible that there are just as many malware attacks by this group elsewhere. We just did not see them.
And the last question:
4. Once a computer got infected is it possible to rehabilitate it, to repare it? Or it will never be safe to use again?

It requires significant expertise to remove malware from a computer.  For this particular malware, unless you have this expertise, it is probably a good idea to back up your data and start fresh with a newly formatted (or new!) hard drive.